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Organisation Structure

Agricultural Extension Division

  1. Brunei Muara Agricultural Extension Unit
  2. Belait Agricultural Extension Unit
  3. Soil Science and Plant Nutrient Unit
  4. Agriculture Development Areas Unit
  5. Temburong Agricultural Extension Unit
  6. Tutong Agricultural Extension Unit


The agricultural extension division is crucial for establishing linkage between farmers and the department subject matter specialists for effective communication, transfer of knowledge and technology as well as providing advisory services and monitor farmers' progress and activities.  Agricultural Extension Division also responsible for delivering support services and facilitating the distribution of Agriculture and Agrifood Incentive Scheme (SIPA) especially to small and medium enterprise farmers who undertake crops, livestock and poultry farm in Brunei Muara, Tutong, Belait and Temburong District.  

The Extension Division also monitoring the agricultural farm production in Agriculture Development Areas (ADAs) and ensuring food safety of the farm produces.  Delivering advisory services to farmers includes crop protection, soil fertility and crop nutrition management which support by well-established soil testing laboratory facilities. Conducting land suitability evaluation studies on the new areas for development, facilitating the application and tendering of the ADAs sites for small holder farming and large scale production to support the development of crops, livestock and poultry industries in the country. 

To support the changing strategy for both staple and high value agricultural produce for export market, Agricultural Extension also play important role in transforming the mind-set of small holder farmers to become progressive and competitive in producing high quality products for global market. By strengthening the farmers' capability and knowledge in the application of high tech production for improving agricultural productivity, food security and promoting sustainable agriculture activities to accelerate the development of technology driven agricultural activities for economic diversification in non-oil and gas sector.   To facilitate this process, the agricultural extension service roles and responsibilities are the following:-

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Deliver advisory services and transfer agricultural technologies
  2. Facilitating SIPA distribution program for small and medium enterprise farmers
  3. Processing the application and registration of Paddy Buy Back Scheme to farmers
  4. Monitoring farm development of Agricultural Development Areas (ADAs)
  5. Data collection for national agricultural production statistic
  6. Monitoring farm produce safety program and sampling of crops commodities for pesticide residue analysis
  7. Monitoring and evaluating the requirement foreign labour for of  agricultural activities
  8. Study and evaluation of existing and new areas for agricultural development
  9. Processing the application and tendering of the Agriculture Development Areas (ADAs)
  10. Member for technical committee for monitoring and accreditation Brunei Good Agricultural Practices (Brunei GAP)
  11. Monitoring heavy metal for Agriculture Development Areas (ADAs) and Brunei Good Agricultural Practise (Brunei GAP)
  12. Provide laboratory services for soil fertility and crop nutrition advisory services
  13. Conducting research on soil fertility and crops nutrition status
  14. Monitoring and conducting fertilizer quality control for SIPA program
  15. Collection for agro-meteorological data and focal point for agricultural climate change
  16. As focal point for development of agricultural organic standard

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Contact Details

Agricultural Extension Division

Tel No:  2388008


Department of Agriculture and Agrifood

Jalan Muhibbah, Berakas Old Airport BB3510


Brunei Muara Agricultural Extension Unit,

Tel and Fax No:  2660002


B2, Spg 362, Jalan Mulaut Lampaki, Kg Mulaut BG2121


Belait Agricultural Extension Office

  1. Kuala Belait Agricultural Extension Unit

    Tel No:   3331536   


    Government Departments Building, Kuala Belait KA1131

  2. Sg Liang Agricultural Development Project

    Tel No:  3230338      


    Spg 907, Seria Lumut Bypass, Belait KC1135

  3. Labi Agricultural Development Project


           Mukim Labi, Ulu Belait, Belait KE1937


Soil Science and Plant Nutrient Unit


Brunei Agriculture Research Centre, Kilanas BG1121


Agriculture Development Areas Unit

Tel No:   2388060


Department of Agriculture and Agrifood

Jalan Muhibbah, Berakas Old Airport BB3510


Temburong Agricultural Extension Unit


Temburong District Agricultural Extension Office

Kg. Puni, Jalan Ujung Jalan, Temburong PA3751


Tutong Agricultural Extension Office

  1. Tutong Agricultural Extension Unit,


    Jalan Bukit Bendera, Tutong TA1341

  2. Birau Agricultural Extension Station,


    Jalan Birau Kuala Abang, Tutong, TE2143