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Primary Resources Research and Development Centre


Profile and objective:

The Primary Resources Research and Development Centre is the main research arm of the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood, Brunei Darussalam. The objective of this division is to develop, innovate and disseminate new or improved technologies and farm management practices that will increase the production of agriculture products for sustainable and competitive primary resources industries. This division is responsible for providing technology transfer to government agencies, farmers and entrepreneurs that will enhance the development of agriculture industries.


Organizational structure:

The division is led by a Head of Division and further organized into 5 Units as follows;

  • Fruit Research and Development Unit
  • Rice Research and Development Unit
  • Vegetable Research and Development Unit
  • Crop Protection Unit
  • Plant Biotechnology Unit

Main Scope of Services:

These various units are located at several agricultural research stations throughout the country. The main scopes of services the various units under this division include the followings;

  • Research and development
    • Rice, fruits and vegetables
    • Indigenous fruits and vegetables 
    • Agronomic practices, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) including biological control
  • Capacity building to DOAA staff, farmers, other agencies and public
  • Advisory services and technology transfer


Research carried out by Vegetable Research and Development


Hyrbrid rice research performed by Rice Research and Development


Picture Left - Durian Kuning Pinang Masak  (BD149) and picture right- Durian Putih (BD 179), examples of durian clones species selected

by Fruit Research and Development Unit

Tissue Culture lab - Plant Biotechnology Unit



Researches on the control and management of plant pest and diseases

conducted by Crop Protection Unit



Technology transfer activities by various Units under

the Primary Resources Research and Development Division