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Investing in Brunei Darussalam
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Subject to the economic, technical and other merits of the project, an investment allowances may also be applied in respect of the fixed capital expenditure of any of the following:-
  1. For the manufacture or increased manufacture of any product;
  2. For the provision of specialized engineering or technical services;
  3. For research and development;
  4. For construction operation;
  5. For recycling of domestic industrial waste;
  6. In relation to any qualifying activity under pioneer services company;
  7. For promotion of the tourist industry (other than a hotel) in Brunei Darussalam.
Every certificate issued under this section shall specify a date from the investment day.

Investment Allowances
Where a company proposes to carry out a project, the investment allowance granted for the approved project shall be a specified percentage not exceeding 100% of the amount of fixed capital expenditure incurred on each item specified on an approved project if the fixed capital expenditure is incurred-

  • - Within such period, not exceeding 5 years, commencing from the investment day
  • - In the case of the promotion of tourist industry, not exceeding 11 years commencing from the investment day.

Investment Incentives
Exemption of income tax.​