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Investing in Brunei Darussalam
Pioneer Industries
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Any Company which has been granted pioneer certificate will be given the pioneer incentives provided the following requirements are met:-

  • - The Minister is satisfied that it is expedient in the public interest to do so.
  • - The industry has not being carried out in Brunei Darussalam on a scale adequate to the economic needs of Brunei Darussalam.
  • - There are favorable prospects for development, to be a pioneer industry and any specific product of that industry to be pioneer product.

Tax Relief Period
The tax relief period of pioneer industry will begin on its production day.

The tax relief period are as follows:

Fixed capital expenditure

Tax exemption period

$500,000 but less than $2.5 million

5 years

$2.5 million or over

8 years


3 years at one time but not exceeding 11 years in total

located in Hi Tech Park

11 years

Extension located in Hi Tech Park

5 years at one time but not exceeding 20 years in total


Investment Incentives

  • - Exemption from income Tax.The corporate tax is exempted for a pioneer industry .
  • - Exemption From Taxes on Imported duties on machinery, equipment, component parts, accessories or building structures.
  • - Exemption from Taxes on imported Raw Material.A pioneer company is exempted from paying import duties on raw materials not available or produced in Brunei Darussalam intended for the production of the pioneer products.
  • - Carry forward of loss and allowance

Declared Pioneer Industries and Products
The following industries have been declared as pioneer industries and pioneer products.






1)    Aircraft catering services *


Various types of food for airlines


2)    Cement Finish Mill *




3)    Pharmaceutical*


Various types of medicines, vitamins, tablets, syrup.


4)    Aluminium Wall Tile


Aluminium wall tiles and other decoratives tiles.


5)    Rolling Mill Plant*


Manufacturing/fabricating iron and steel, steel bars, angle iron, u-channel


6)    Industrial Chemical *


Various types of chemicals for oil and other industries.


7)    Shipyard*


Ship repair and maintenance


8)   Tissue Paper


Tissue paper and kitchen napkin


9)   Textile *


Various types of clothing


10)  Canning, bottling and packaging *


Various types of canned, bottled and packaged food


11)  Furniture


Wooden, rattan, knock-down furniture


12)  Glass


Sheet glass, industrial glass optical and photographic glassware, lighting and decoratives glassware etc


13)  Ceramic and potteries


Tiles, sanitaryware, chinaware, stones ware, potteryware, porcelainware.


14)  Wood base*


Plywood and wooden construction elements


15)  Plastics and synthetic


PVC tubing pipes, plastics, bottles, containers, various types of medical and surgical and household rubber products.


16)  Fertilizers and pesticides


Various types of fertilizers and pesticides


17)  Toys


Mechanical, electronics, wooden, plastic and rubber toys.


18)  Gas


Various types of industrial gas


19)  Sheet metal-forming*


Roofing, walling, fencing, roof trusses, frames, fitting and fixtures, ducting, containers for storage and transport, other related building materials.


20)  Manufacture of Electrical industrial Machinery and Apparatus*.


The manufacture, renovation of electric motors, generators and complete turbine-generator and complete turbine-generator and engine generator sets, transformers, switchgear and switchboard apparatus, rectifiers, other electrical transmission and distribution equipment, electrical transmission and distribution equipment, electrical industrial control devices such as motor starters and controllers, electro-magnetic clutches and brakes, electrical welding apparatus and other electrical industrial apparatus


21) Supporting services to water transport *


The provision of services to all kinds of water transport, such as maintenance and operation of piers, docks and associated buildings and facilities; pilotage; maintenance and operation of light houses and other aids to navigation; loading and discharging of vessels; maintenance and operation of canals; salvaging of distressed vessels and cargoes; and ship leasing and rental


22) Slaughtering, preparing and preserving halal meat *


Abattoirs and halal meat packing plants; dressing and packing cattle, sheep, lambs, poultry and rabbits.  Included are processing and packing activities such as curing, smoking, salting, pickling, packing in air-tight containers and quick-freezing.  The manufacture of sausage casing, halal meat soups, halal meat puddings and pies and other edible halal animal fats are also included.


23)Related waste industry *


Environment products and services, oily waste treatment and recycling, organic and inorganic hazardous waste material disposal, waste water treatment and disposal, environment laboratory services air pollution control and other related services.



24) Manufacture of non metallic mineral products*



The manufacture of miscellaneous non-metallic mineral products, such as concrete, gypsum and plaster products, including ready-mixed concrete; glass fibre insulation product; mineral wool; slate products; cut-stone products; abrasives; graphite products; silica and all other non metallic mineral products except asbestos.


25) Manufacture of Radio, Television and Communication Equipment and Apparatus *


The manufacture of radio and television receiving sets, sound reproducing and recording equipment, including public address systems, gramophones, dictating machines and tape recorders; gramophone records and pre-recorded magnetic tapes; wire and wireless telephone and telegraph equipment; radio and television transmitting, signaling, and detection equipment and apparatus; radar equipment and installations; parts ands supplies specially used for electronic apparatus classified in this group; semi-conductor and related sensitive semi-conductor devices; fixed and variable electronic capacitors and condensers; radiographic, fluoroscopic and other x- ray apparatus and tubes. 

26) Manufacture of communication equipment *


The manufacture of telephone and data communications equipment signals electronically over wires or through the air such as radio and television broadcasting communication equipment.

This class includes:

-- manufacture of central office switching equipment

- -manufacture of cordless telephones

-- manufacture of private branch exchange (PBX) equipment

- -manufacture of telephone and facsimile equipment, including telephone answering machines

- -manufacture of data communications equipment, such as bridges, routers, and gateways

- -manufacture of transmitting and receiving antenna

-- manufacture of cable television equipment

-- manufacture of pagers

-- manufacture of cellular phones

- -manufacture of mobile communication equipment

-- manufacture of radio and television -studio and broadcasting equipment, including television cameras

-- manufacture of modems, carrier equipment

- -manufacture of burglar and fire alarm systems, sending signals to a control station

- -manufacture of radio and television transmitters

- -manufacture of infrared devices (e.g. remote controls)


27)Manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard *


‘The manufacture of household and personal hygiene paper and cellulose wadding products:

-cleansing tissues,

-handkerchiefs, towels, serviettes

- toilet paper

-sanitary towels and tampons, napkins and napkin liners for babies,

-cups, dishes and trays.


- -manufacture of textile wadding and articles of wadding: sanitary towels, tampons etc.

- -manufacture of printing and writing paper ready for use

- -manufacture of computer printout paper ready for use

- -manufacture of self-copy paper ready for use

- -manufacture of duplicator stencils and carbon paper ready for use

- -manufacture of gummed or adhesive paper ready for use

- -manufacture of envelopes and letter-cards

- -manufacture of registers, accounting books, binders, albums and similar educational and commercial stationery

- -manufacture of boxes, pouches, wallets and writing compendiums containing an assortment of paper stationery

- -manufacture of wallpaper and similar wall coverings, including vinyl-coated and textile wallpaper

- -manufacture of labels

- -manufacture of filter paper and paperboard

-- manufacture of paper and paperboard bobbins, spools, cops etc.

- -manufacture of egg trays and other moulded pulp packaging products etc.

- -manufacture of paper novelties


NOTE * The pioneer Certificates have already been granted to companies.​